South Central Community Foundation, Pratt, Kansas

Winter Art Workshop with Marcia Bauerle

January 21, 2023 Mixed Media Collage Workshop

The $498 grant brought the supplies, for the students cost was less for the workshop.

Marcia Bauerle

First Friday Arts and More Event Supplies

The grant of $2,000 bought a speaker stand that can be used inside or outside which also came with a wireless mic, and 4 art display two sided walls for our artist.


South Central Community Foundation, Pratt, Kansas

Tech Update Grant

The grant of $1,000 help buy a new desktop computer, screen and soundbar. This computer will help us reach a goal to have a teen game night at the Library.

ADA Bathroom Project Grant

The grant of $1,954 helped buy supplies to update one of the bathrooms at the Library to be Handicapped accessible.